Participating areas



For its primary project, the team will follow 1,000 pregnant women from various regions of Suriname in the regions Paramaribo, Nickerie and Sipaliwini. In the capital Paramaribo 600 women will be recruited from the four largest hospitals: Academic Hospital Paramaribo, Diakonessenhuis, 's Lands Hospitaal and St. Vincentius Ziekenhuis. The remaining 400 will be recruited from Nickerie and Sipaliwini. 

In Nickerie a total of 200 pregnant women will be recruited from the Dr. L. Mungra Streekziekehuis Nickerie and various outpatient clinics of the Regionale Gezondheids Dienst.

In Sipaliwini a total of 200 pregnant women will be included in the study from the Medical Mission posts, among both Maroon and Indigenous population.

Children of mothers who experience the highest and lowest exposures will be followed-up for four years to assess their neuropsychological development.

1.Paramaribo: Aim to include: 600 pregnant women

2. Nickerie: Aim to include: 200 pregnant women

3. Brokopondo Region
Villages: Pikien Saron - Powakka - Redidoti - Klaaskreek - Brownsweg
Aim to include: 80 pregnant women

4. Kwamalasamutu
Aim to include: 30 pregnant women

5. Apoera & Wasjabo
Aim to include: 30 women

6. Upper Suriname
Villages: Goejaba en Djoemoe
Aim to include: 40 pregnant women

7. Tepoe
Aim to include 20 pregnant women