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Sero-prevalence of Chagas disease in a defined cardiac population

Chagas disease also known as ‘American trypanosomiasis’ is the fourth most important vector-transmitted parasitic disease in Latin America but still considered as one of the 13 so called  ‘neglected diseases’ according to the WHO. It is a systemic parasite infection, including an acute phase and if left untreated causes chronic Chagas disease. Roughly 30% of all chronic Chagas infections develop Chagas related cardiac problems and it is a well- known cause of cardiomyopathy in Latin America.

In Suriname, the prevalence and health burden of Chagas is unknown, despite its geographical position and high cardiac patient population. Therefore, the aim of the current study is to assess the prevalence of Chagas disease in cardiac patients at the Academic Hospital, which is the referral hospital for cardiology in Suriname.

Currently, the serum of our cohort, consisting of 329 patients, is being tested using a panel of serological tests. Additional testing of our positive cases will be done in collaboration with the laboratory of Parasitology-Mycology of the Cayenne Hospital, referral hospital of Chagas disease in French Guiana.

This study is initiated and monitored by the Foundation of Scientific Research Suriname (SWOS) and is funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

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