More Research

Besides the five main focal pillars, we are also interested in other research areas such as evaluating patient safety and quality systems. The focus of the pillar " More Research" lies in broadening our research field by conducting quality control studies in order to target and elucidate healthcare problems directly. 

Study Patient Satisfaction

A study on patient satisfaction was conducted from May - September 2015 in the out-patient departments cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, national kidney dialysis center, postoperative screening, radiology, gynaecology and the pharmacy of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo.

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Evaluation waiting time of patients at the pharmacy and the out-patient departments of the AZP

A study assessing waiting times of patients at 13 out-patient departments and the pharmacy of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo was conducted in July 2015.


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Evaluation of the Emergency Severity Index at the Emergency Department of the AZP

The waiting time at Emergency Department of the AZP is known to be Lengthy. Introduction of Triage Tool: Emergency Severity Index (ESI) is an initiative that was implemented in 2009/2010. 

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