Public health

"Sitting has become the smoking of our generation." —Nilofer Merchant

Public health research plays a pivotal role both in the Academic Hospital setting as well as nationwide. Assessing and evaluating trends within the population and identifying public health issues will eventually lead to effective and efficient interventions which will in turn result in improved health outcomes within the population. This pillar also aims to address common ‘health claims’ known in the generation, such as the relationship between full moon & asthma attacks.


Still in the start-up phase, Suriname is keen on evaluating the possibility of introducing e-health through mobile and digital technology.

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Road traffic accidents

Assessing the severity and causes of the national road traffic accidentsincluding the type of injury per road transport means/mode and the injury relative to the cause of death.

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Eleven percent of the population has diabetes in Suriname. Diabetes is a costly disease, affecting everyone, everywhere (Data from the WHO). In Suriname a One Stop Shop for diabetes care was established in 2012 aiming to improve DM management, decrease complications and increase quality of life in general. 

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Reduction in the number of fireworks related accidents at Emergency Department of AZP around the New Year.

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An important point for attention for public health! 


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