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Scientific Research Center Suriname

The Academic Hospital Paramaribo, Suriname, (AZP) is transitioning to become an Academic Medical Center. One of the fundamental pillars of such an Academic Medical Center is having a high-quality research facility in place. As a result, the Scientific Research Center within AZP was established on the 2nd December 2013 in collaboration with the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Anton de Kom University of Suriname.


Mission: The Research Center aims to answer scientifically relevant clinical research questions, as well as public health issues, by means of groundbreaking research-projects. In our Research Center quality-assured research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and public health issues are among our highest priorities. The Research Center aspires to establish itself as a leader in the field of research as well as the preeminent institute of analysis and investigation in Suriname, as well as in the region.

 Vision: Improving (public) health care by conducting, facilitating and supporting medical research in the broadest sense, adhering to the highest possible medical-ethical and legal standards. Our goal is to improve health care by means of innovative concepts concerning diagnosis, prevention, interventional and curative therapy. 

 SRCS will be responsible for creating & prioritizing inventory on:

- Ongoing research 
- Relevant and desirable/eligible research priorities
- Research protocol development
- Grant/funding proposal writing
- Review and approval by Medical Ethical Review Board
- Research project management and analysis 
- Publishing report/manuscript
- Answering vital public health care issues